Thursday, September 30, 2010


today i was fully ready to wallow in my self-pity. for starters its been raining nonstop this week, but its a humid rain that is disgusting in my personal opinion and makes walking to class incredibly unbearable even with my umbrella. secondly rutgers is disappointing me more and more everyday. example 1: they have the world's worst student accounting and financial aid services which enjoys personally ruining my life on a daily basis i swear and secondly we have students that like to cause this and then theres always the stress of classes and october is looking like its going to be a lovely month of exams and papers.

so just as i was about to start the pity party i read this and i realized that i really have so much more i could be thankful for today. the positives outweigh the negatives in my life and sometimes i forget this. thankfully the post made me realize this and now i want to say thank you to all of you followers who read and comment on my blog, i may not show it all the time but i really appreciate you following me and the lovely comments as well.
do you guys ever have days like this? where you swear you have the worst life ever and you just want to give up and quit but then you realize that you actually have a better life then you think?

and now id like to end on a positive note with a pretty picture before i have to head back out into the hurricane


  1. oh, dang, girl: YES. You are most definitely not alone! If you truly need to, take a breather without feeling guilty. It does wonders. Love ya!

  2. i am glad you could seek out the positives in such disgustingly pessimistic weather! I am experiencing the same rain as you, it is so humid and muggy out and this rain is not a slow, is all day and heavy! I have never seen rain fall this hard, this constant. I woke up and groaned about skipping class, but I got up and went anyway...ugh! Life goes on. I hope that you have fun when it gets nice out this weekend :)

  3. look at that kitty!! every time you start to feel down just scroll back over this post and you will be lifted up again. I love your positive outlook and the fact that you CHOSE positive thinking.


  4. thanks everyone, taylor if i hope it gets better our its our homecoming this weekend but i dont want to go to the game if its like it has been all weekend.

  5. I agree with Carrie, that picture is just darling, it would have to bring a smile to your face!


reading your comments makes my day a little brighter :)