Thursday, September 9, 2010

my week in outfits and food

sometimes, i have these really good moments, i wake up with plenty of time to spare before class, im having a good morning, my coffeemaker likes me, its a beautiful day, and i pick out a great outfit. then i get so excited about my outfit and realize i have no one to share with. so i've decided to share them with all of you! :) this week was a little hectic so i didnt get to post them the day i wore them so youre getting them in bulk. and i have to apologize the picture on the right is not what i wore to class, nor do i ever wear leggings to class but somedays you just need to feel comfortable and they were just what i needed.

outfit one on the left, i wore today to class today. the majority of its from target a few years ago. the skirtand tank top are all target and the sweater is from walmart ( it was only $3!!!)
outfit two on the left, after recent discovery that particular white tshirt is my new favorite. it was also a walmart steal, the miley cyrus line really has some cute stuff dont judge me. and the jeans are aeropostale.

do you ever wear a plain white shirt and just feel so fresh, clean and new and ready to take the world on or is that just me? im so happy its almost the weekend and i can spend it holed up reading for classes and writing an analytical essay wooohoo! hope everyone's weekend plans are better then mine :)

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