Thursday, September 2, 2010

a note to my coffepot

dear coffepot,
i love all the joy you bring me in the morning. when i wake up i get out of bed excited about the wonderfulness you make. you make the days a little brighter and easier to get through. without you i would not be as a happy of a girl as i am with you. however i hate to say it but we have a love/hate relationship. i love the coffee you make, the smell as it wafts through my apartment and the rich taste of coffee as it hits my lips. but i hate (i do not like to use the word hate its to strong of a word but it fits in this situation) and i mean hate, the fact that you take forever to make my coffee. my its my fault, i dont press the button at the right time, i dont put the coffee in right. whatever it is we need to iron out our problems so our relationship is just one of love as it should be, because i love all the things you offer me, coffee, tea, iced tea, hot chocolate.
sincerely your loving owner,
mary kate

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