Wednesday, September 22, 2010


do you ever have a day when you feel like nothing could go wrong? everything is beautiful and tastes delicious, you want to dance around in your underwear to this and you feel like this girl:

well thats how im feeling today! i had a great lab in the morning, a great breakfast (pb&j!) a great smoothie, and pandora is playing some great tunes on all of my country stations! plus its gorgeous out, and im wearing a sundress!!! :) plus only 3 more days till lovebutton and all my boys get here for the football game saturday! only one more class left today yay! hope everyone's wednesday is going just as great as mine! leaving you with some recent wisdom im trying to remember everyday: "love life and life will love you back!"


  1. Yesss I love days where you feel like nothing can go wrong!

    And I love how you said Pandora is playing great country tunes! I love putting it on the Dierks Bentley station, there's good stuff on there!

    And anytime you have a smoothie, it's a great day! Unfortunately I make my smoothies at night, which I guess lead to a great night!

  2. i love the blake shelton, josh turner and eric church stations they have, i'll have to check out the dierks bentley one! i had a smoothie to substitute my lunch because i didnt feel like making anything else.

  3. What would we do without Pandora? It provides the soundtrack of my life!


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