Wednesday, December 22, 2010

burnt out

i try to stay as positive as possible on this blog, however sometimes its hard to ignore whats going on in my life and write about positive things. this past week has kinda sucked, i thought going home would help me get into the christmas spirit but it has not. tomorrow i have to make the trek back to school (which is about 2 hours on 2 different trains and a bus) to take a final and hand in 2 more papers. at this point im so burnt out i do not even want to study, or watch the movie for the extra credit paper or write the other film paper i have due. all i want to do is stay in my bed in my cozy pajamas and sip hot apple cider and read the little house on the prairie but i can not. i really can not wait for tonight and tomorrow to be over. although right now im not sure how im going to make it through.

sorry for the negativity, i think starting tomorrow im going to start my break from social media: facebook, blogger, email, twitter so thats a warning if you dont hear anything from me in the near future. hope everyone's day is going better then mine.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another christmas memory; santa letters

my father delivers mail at the post office in town and as much as he hates it, one time of year i think he enjoys working there. every christmas season santa letters start to pour into the post office, i dont know when he started or what made him decide to do it but my father took it upon himself to reply to the letters as santa and send the kids little notepads and pencils along with a personalized letter from santa. looking back at the letters i kept that i received from santa i can tell it is his handwriting.

every year he buys a huge box of holiday themed pencils, notepads, tiny coloring books, stencils and erasers along with holiday printed paper. my mother and him work diligently to make sure every letter gets responded to and that it is personalized for the child. i remember one year a child wrote him a letter in spanish and he made us take it into school to the spanish teacher so she could translate it and tell him what to write back. he tries his hardest to make sure every child feels special when receiving their letter from santa.

the majority of the letters come from our local area, and some on his route so he knows the children and tries to include little things in the letters to make them feel special. one year we got a letter and my father knew that the family was in need and the little girl might not get everything she had asked for on her list, so him and i went out to the store and bought a few things on her list and wrapped them. very very very early on christmas morning (aka 2 am) he woke me up, we got the presents and put them on the front porch of their house. the years that followed after i would always make sure that my dad would wake me up christmas morning to help deliver the gifts to special families.

sending out the christmas cards with my father, christmas 1991

Sunday, December 19, 2010

holiday quote of the week

(before my youngest sister was born, with my great grandmother)

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other."

Friday, December 17, 2010


i hope the cookies i make this upcoming week turn out this cute:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

another list

first things first, today i finished my first exam, tomorrow morning i have another exam and then im going home until next thursday when i have to come back for my last exam of the semester. its a little bit of a pain but seeing as its the exam for my favorite professor and my favorite class i dont mind as much. tomorrow i get to see harry potter finally and my lovebutton and i can not wait, the last time i saw him was the friday after thanksgiving so its been awhile. okay now onto the list.

some things to accomplish over winter break:
- read little house on the prairie series over again, this blogger sparked an interest in me to reread some of my favorite childhood books, she always mentions it on her blog.

- watch the sound of music i have to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the film and seeing as i was sick when i was supposed to see the sing-a-long version in theaters i'll have to sing along in the comfort of my home

- make a binder to store recipes i've collected so if you've got any great ones feel free to email it to me!

- starting christmas day i will not go on my facebook, twitter, check email or check blogger until new years day. i've spent way to much time in front of a computer screen because of my research paper and i need a break.

- bake bake bake, i have about 5 different cookie recipes i have to make for christmas and cant wait to try them and other new recipes.

- clean my mess of a room at home

- relax and take a bath because this semester has really burned me out.

- go to the library and barnes and noble

- go to some thrift stores

- do laundry and clean out closet because its been awhile

- go through my grandmoms and moms recipe boxes

- fix the dslr was given so i can finally use it!

tomorrow i think i'll return with another christmas memory because it felt so nice to share one yesterday!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

christmas memories

i feel a bit hesitant to share this christmas memory because it brings up mixed emotions, happiness and at the same time sadness and missing family members who have passed away. it might be a little wordy and is a touchy subject so feel free to just skip over this post im giving permission.

my dad had an aunt and uncle growing up, they never had kids so my dad and his siblings were just as much their kids as they were my grandparents kids. luckily they lived right next door to my grandparents house so they were very close. his aunt, my great aunt lorrie was the best. we called her rere because when my older brother was young he could never say lorrie. i remember many many sleepovers at rere and poppy's house. we got to eat ice cream, watch old movies; anything with john wayne in it or my fair lady and get the best bubble bath ever. i remember little things about these sleepovers like rere taking out her dentures and putting them in water for the night, the john wayne picture framed above her bed with a rose, and waking up the next day and getting to play with her makeup. rere also happened to be the best cook ever, her soups including vegetable soup and lentil soup with hot dogs were out of this world good.

on saturday nights i would sleepover her house with one of my cousins and go to her church the next day. rere was a lutheran while my family was raised catholic. lutheran church always seemed so much more exciting then catholic church, she would always always pack a snack bag and we could go to sunday school and the pastor was amazing. pastor linda woods always made sure to spend sometime during the mass to bring the young kids up and talk to them about what the gospel was that day and just talk to us. this was no exception on christmas eve mass. christmas eve mass was probably the one day a year my whole family, grandmom, poppy and rere all went to church together. and pastor woods would always make certain to speak to the young kids.

unfortunately my rere passed away when i was in the fifth grade from breast cancer. so that first christmas after she had passed away my father made a donation in her name for the kids in mass on christmas eve to get a little gift. each year its different, but always so special. my youngest sister eventually got confirmed in the lutheran chucrh she continued to go with poppy after rere passed away and now that shes a little older she helps pastor woods pass out the presents to the kids. every year in mass we can all feel it coming, the sermon is given and the kids are called up to sit with pastor woods. she starts to talk about what the importance of the day is and explains what is happening in terms the kids understand, then she says it that members of the congregation had an aunt who very much loved kids and christmas and wanted to share this with the rest of the congregation. i always look to my grandmom because i know how much she misses her sister and then to my father and squeeze his hand. and i know we can feel our aunt lorrie with us.

the traditional kids photo before heading off to christmas eve mass.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blog funk

sorry if i've been absent lately, this past week and this week have really gotten to me. lately i have no idea or inspiration of what to write. i feel lame for writing lists over and over on here. but it helps me get through the week. currently only 3 days separate me from being home with my family because my last final is not until the 23rd. so on that little break home i'll be doing lots, we're getting our christmas tree, celebrating hannukah (were not jewish but my younger sisters best friend growing up was and now we've celebrated it for years and i missed last years), im going to finally see harry potter with my lovebutton, and i've recruited a little baking buddy for the long list of christmas cookies im baking. tomorrow i'll return with something better, another list (sorry i really love making lists).

my baking buddy, cant wait to rock my santa clause apron with her!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

quote of the week

starting now until christmas,im going to be doing christmas related quotes of the week and old school family christmas photos of mine. hope you all enjoy!

my first christmas!

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.
~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the little things in life

little things so far this week that have made me happy:
- skyping with lovebutton (boyfriend) who i havent seen since thanksgiving break
- facebook videos from my bff
- gettinng a subscription to food network magazine
- glee last night and their christmas cd
- this song
- the holiday themed dinner at the dining hall that i went to twice that included: decorate your own ginger bread men, yummy mozzerella ravioli, mashed potatoes, apple cider and coffee cider plus the gelt, hershey kisses and pomegranate i took back to my apartment with me
- sweet sweet emails
- baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese
- kicking but on my lab practical! it was so much easier than the lab instructor made it out to be
- checking things like my last presentation off of my to do list

i think the holiday spirit has finally hit me. thank goodness i was missing it! hope everyone is having a lovely humpday!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

on repeat

this song is on repeat as i work to finish my research paper and study for my lab practical tomorrow. i havent taken a shower since sunday (gross i know i apologize) and last night i spent 4 hours working on my paper in the computer lab. i cant wait until next week even if finals start, i have a little break between some of them and i desperately need it. number one thing on my list when i get home for winter break is not go on the internet for a week and take baths every day. maybe i should try this out to de-stress

wish i was here instead of school only 16 more days until im home for good!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

quote of the week

Sometimes I am happy for just one moment. In that one moment I don’t think about my problems, I think of all the options I have. I think about all the years ahead of me, I think about all the awesome people I will meet, I think about all the great ideas I will get. I think about all the adventures, about love, about all the places that I am yet to discover. For that one moment I believe I will be happy one day. I know happiness is out there. I have hope.
(found here)

Friday, December 3, 2010

birthday boy

today the little boy i babysit/adore/love/future husband turns 2! before i went back to school he had his pirate themed birthday party and we had lots of fun on the moonbounce.

now here are a few pictures of finn and his sister, me and our budding relationship

he really is the cutest thing ever and i wish i was home to eat cake with him today!
have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

girly girl

this summer my girl-o-meter went from a zero to this:

weeks went by when i wore only dresses (i have about 50 sundresses no exaggeration) but i thought i was pretty mild in my attempts at keeping my girlyness to a minimum, by letting everyone know i did own a pocket knife (even if it was hot pink) and by going to the shooting range with my boyfriend. although there were several slip ups where i would be found in the kitchen baking peach pie with my dress and coordinating apron on i was pretty good at hiding just how girly i was that was until i saw this picture

i was never the girly girl that was into sparkles and glitter until i saw carrie underwood rocking this outfit. I MUST REPLICATE AND OWN THIS OUTFIT ASAP! i honestly have no idea where i would wear this but just knowing that i would own it would calm my girly overload brain just a little. the outfit could become friends with my dress that reminds me of a peacock and nude heels that i was all insistent on owning but have not worn yet.

sorry this post is a little silly but my brain is fried and i needed an escape to daydream from classes. any other girly-girls out there? anyone have any ideas how i can replicate the outfit and where to wear it?