Thursday, September 16, 2010


so lately i've spent alot of time procrastinating my homework, however i did not accomplish nothing while procrastinating, i found the cutest pictures of pets ever! and they have inspired me to want a pet cat and pig. i doubt any of you could deny the cuteness factor of these pictures:

i want the little black kitten so badly! i need something to cuddle with at school


  1. omggggg puppies, pigs, and kittens! I don't even like pigs in the slightest, but I am dying for that little one!

  2. aaaawww!! These are tugging at my heartstings!! I've always wanted a little pig! Soo cute!

  3. I know jessica, I never liked pigs or cats really and then i saw these pictures and now im dying to have one of each!


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