Tuesday, September 14, 2010

let me tell ya about my best friend

today im gonna tell you about a boy and a girl that make me oh so happy, in a continuation of my positive week talking about what makes me happy.

the girl: i met her in 7th grade she used to tie my shoes, we'd walk home from school together, eventually my senior year of high school we were pretty darn close. without her i'd be so lost. she's my rock and my biggest cheerleader and one day will be in my wedding

even though we are really gross in this its my personal fave

the boy: we actually dated previously for a little but then broke up and now we're dating again and its the best relationship i've ever had! he is the best and always knows what to say and how to make me happy. im completely crazy about him and whenever im with him i lose track of time and forget the world exists. hes the best :)
the first time we dated

us now, nothing's changed he still makes me crazy happy

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