Wednesday, November 16, 2011

an update of sorts

So my poor little laptop has about fifty viruses and can not be looked at until after thanksgiving which kinda crimps my blogging style. Whats even worse is now about a million ideas have popped into my head about what to write about and what to change and everything. And I especially hate posts that don't include pictures so my dear little followers please stick around until my laptop and I are reunited follow me elsewhere:

-- twitter: some of my tweets are a bit ridic but its real life
-- pintrest: lots of foodie stuff and crafts galore

hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving breaks! and remember only one more follower until I'm doing a giveaway!! also I just bought the cutest christmas cards so if anyone would like to recieve a lovely card from me shoot me an email! sorry once again for the lack of photos and posts lately.

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