Thursday, November 17, 2011

hey it's okay thursday (a first)

Its Ok Thursdays

This is a first for me to link up for hey it's okay thursday but I've been making a running a list since last week so I thought I'd share

Hey it's okay.....

to have a list of nail polishes you want to try once the semester is over, and for a few short days over thanksgiving break. (i picked essie: case study)

to buy chaptick/lipgloss every time I go to the store, I've currently put myself on a halt from buying them its gotten so bad.

to make lists to pass the time during classes

to be excited about the delivery of my erin condren planner, I have a countdown going!

to stalk the stores until the holiday editions of my favorite magazines come out

to watch the pawnee rangers episode of parks&rec whenever I feel like it and still laugh every time!

to be seriously annoyed that my laptop wont be fixed for a long time and have to borrow my family members laptops whenever I need to do work.

to live off of my iphone until my sweet little laptop is returned to me.

to buy about 5 different sets of christmas cards at the store because I couldn't chose which one I liked best.

to want to punch everyone that posted a status about breaking dawn on facebook. (sorry if you're a fan!

what are you totally okay with today?

thanks to emily for helping me figure out how to link up!


  1. It's okay to shamelessly color in my Disney Princess coloring book in my university's Laptop Lounge.

  2. LOL at the thought of all the twilighters lining up to get punch just made my Friday!

    New Follower!!

    ♥ Shia

  3. Oooh! I love this idea:) I may have to try it on my blog. I watch the Pawnee Rangers episode all the time. It's hilarious!! Puts me in my happy place.


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