Tuesday, November 8, 2011

spiced peach butter

This is not what I had planned to post today but I'm not on my own laptop so bear with me. My poor little laptop is infected with about a million viruses so at the moment I'm borrowing my mom's laptop, while perusing her crazy collection of photos she has on here I found pictures of when I made spiced peach butter over the summer. In August my sister and I went and picked 45 pounds of peaches and while I really do love peaches that was a bit much, so being the obsessed canner that I am, I found a recipe for spiced peach butter that was made in the crock pot and man was it good. And then I got really into and made these cute little tags to go with it, because canning turns my ocd, perfectionist, type A ways into overdrive. So please enjoy these pictures, the recipe and a resource for canning if you so choose to fall in love with it as I have. Hopefully by next week I'll have my laptop back and be able to share with you my appplesauce I made with my dad this saturday.

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  1. ooh looks so delicious:) i made apple butter last year, but this looks even more exciting! thank you for sharing!

  2. this looks so interesting!!! and deeelish!!!

  3. Oh wow! Never tried it. Sounds delectable:) I've always wanted to try and can.

  4. This looks INCREDIBLE! I might make this as Christmas gifts this year!

  5. This looks sooo yummy!

    ♥ Shia


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