Monday, November 7, 2011

ornament swap

I saw this idea on another blog and I thought it would be a cute idea to share with all you lovely followers. An ornament swap.

The rules:
- email me at with the subject line: ORNAMENT SWAP, in the email include your email address and a link to your blog
- the cutoff date is november 12th and hopefully I will get partners sent out by the 14th
- send your ornaments by november 28th, that gives everyone plenty of time to talk to your partners, find an ornament and mail them out
- maximum price for ornaments is 10 dollars, I know the holidays are crazy and you have to buy a million gifts so just keep it simple. make sure you look into what your partner likes when buying your ornament
- include a christmas card what your favorite part of christmas is, favorite christmas quote or why you chose that ornament
- make sure to blog about your ornament when you get it and share pictures!

****only one more follower until a giveaway!!

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