Monday, November 22, 2010

this weekend

in short this weekend was awful, i was locked out of all of my school accounts, email, class websites, computer services, the library and i have 7 pages of my research paper due tomorrow and all of my literature reviews due as well. also my roommates both left for the weekend and the apartment gets super creepy on weekends alone. finally it felt soooooo long because tomorrow i get to go home for thanksgiving break and i couldnt take all the waiting.

to get through it i watched lots and lots of this:

(possibly too much of it)

and now once again im hooked and cant get enough of it. i also cooked alot and alot. i think it was my body preparing for thanksgiving this week. i've made enough flashcards to wallpaper and cover the wall that is on my side of the room. i think im going stir crazy from staying inside saturday and sunday and not having a whole lot of human contact. on top of the fact that today a monday i have wednesday classes which has messed with my head all weekend.i've made a bing crosby holiday station on pandora and its been my best friend all weekend when the glee and disney ones have failed me. and yes im going crazy waiting to go home and see everyone tomorrow. i might start counting down the hours. hope you all had a lovely and more eventful weekend and your monday is lovely. :)

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  1. my dear, you are not alone in yur grey's anatomy obsession. i could watch it for days on end without stopping. it's not really the same without izzie though.


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