Tuesday, November 23, 2010

blog loving

the lovely laura at a pretty plethora gave me this award :

this is how it works: thank the person who gave you the award. tell 7 facts about yourself. give the award to 7 bloggers you just love. leave the 7 bloggers a comment telling them they won.

1. I absolutely hate odd numbers and try in any way possible to avoid them, its not about bad luck or anything i just think even numbers work out better.

2. When i was little i used to play kitchen or id play in my playhouse and pretend i had my own cooking show. i thought i was pretty cool.

3. Im highly addicted to caffeine and coffee. talk to me on a day when i havent had any and it wont be pleasant. talk to a day of a week i havent had any and i might bite your head off. if i could id have a direct iv of coffee with me at all times.

4. i rarely rarely watch tv especially at school, however my favorite tv shows are greys anatomy (the one good thing that came out of my roommate situation last year), glee and parenthood.

5. speaking of glee, i wish i lived in that show, or that i could break out into song and dance at the drop of a hat, or that i could sing or that i had jayma mays wardrobe and hair.

6. im a vegetarian, not for the animal rights thing, but because of the disgusting things that occur at factory farms and the awful things the farms do to our environment. if it were possible and cheap to eat free-range and grass fed meats i could but being a college student its not so easy. also i try to eat as locally as possible. i buy from a farm near my home and love the people that work there.

7. cooking and baking relieve my stress and help me solve any problems im having. if im upset they make me feel better.

im passing this award onto:

1. kendra sue : the business of creating shes seriously the sweetest person ever. whenever i post about one of my rants of hating life she makes me feel so much better with the sweet words of wisdom she leaves.
2. jessica: ciao bella shes also super sweet, has some killer fashion pictures on her blog and has the best stories in relation to my posts and her blog is just really pretty.
3. april : april maybe she's in europe right now being all awesome and having lovely travels.
4. kaleena: just add kaleena shes so cute and posts some pretty funny things
5. http://sweatshirtdressshirt.blogspot.com/ her outfit posts make me want to dress cuter for classes.
6. laken : farmhouse hands down the cutest blog ever, makes me want to live in the south even more and cook and bake all day long
7. celeste: wanderlust her pictures are gorgeous, the food she posts i want to eat all the time and i love when she does the things i love about my city posts

congrats ladies!


  1. Aw thanks mary kate! i'm honored :) I'm a pescetarian for pretty much the same reasons you're a vegetarian, I LOVE Glee (I wish I was Dianna Agron) and baking is always my go-to stress relief activity :) I'll try to post a list soon and let you know!

  2. You are sooo precious! I'm going to do this post as well! Thank you for passing this award along:) xoxo


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