Monday, November 8, 2010

i wanna love like johnny and june

whyy did it take me this long to watch walk the line? i watched friday and i must say it was soooo much better then i expected. plus one of my girl crushes: reese witherspoon is in it! also i loved the beginnging of the movie when johnny was a little kid, i love that his real name was JR and am not adding it to my list of boy names for future children (yes i have a list of possible boy and girl children names)

also i did some searching and look at how amazing johnny cash's house is!!

the movie overall was really good, besides reese witherspoon, tyler hilton played elvis presley who i have a soft spot for because i always listened to elvis growing up due to the fact that my dad has a hugeee man crush on him!

alrighty i need to edit some research papers, do lab homework, pick up my package, update to do lists/calendars and create a johnny cash pandora station! have a lovely monday loves!


  1. i loved this film...

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  2. Oh I loved this movie! Whoa, it did take you a long time to watch it.

  3. You're not even going to believe this. My (ex-ish) boyfriend was actually an extra in Walk the Line. He is in the very last scene where Johnny proposes to June onstage. He kind of walks across stage to move a speaker or something and then you can see him standing in the background for a few minutes. Kind of cool!

    P.S. thank you for your sweet comment on my post. we're working through things and just taking it slow. sometimes life gets a little crazy and we just need time to ourselves to focus on what's important. xoxo


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