Monday, November 1, 2010

things im loving

today im loving:
- dunkin donuts wheat bagels toasted with cream cheese
- raspberries
- the time i spent with my boyfriend this weekend
- my friends teacup chihuahua and the fact that she brings it everywhere with her, im planning on stealing it in the future
- dear john, sparks fly, last kiss, long live and fearless by taylor swift
- strangers on a train by david nail
- finally having gone grocery shopping
- this website and the most delicious sounding recipes i cant wait to try
my pink steve madden scarf i wore today


  1. I like that scarf! I have a fetish with scarves.

  2. Okay so I have a pretty cool story about David Nail... a few years ago I competed in the Miss TN USA pageant with his wife, Catherine. They weren't engaged yet then, but soon after the pageant they were. Pretty cool to say I competed with a country music singers wife, huh? Haha I always tell people that story whenever I hear one of his songs come on!

  3. kaleena- i totally agree im obsessed with scarves!

    jessica- that is pretty cool and thats also pretty cool that you competed in the Miss TN USA pageant!


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