Monday, November 29, 2010

the light at the end of the tunnel

these next few weeks dont look so hot. a final lab quiz, lab practical, research paper due, response papers, film papers, and then the lovely finals start. needless to say im not looking forward to all of this. and on top of everything im still locked out of my student account. thanksgiving break was such a tease! it showed me all of the lovely things i have to look forward to over winter break: no homework, lots of babysitting, sleepovers and cuddle sessions, hopefully more apples to apples and baking and cooking. i usually have the motivation to push through but at the moment its hard finding it when my to do pile looks something like this:

i cant wait to see the lovebugs for a month straight and do this:

with all that being said its still a little hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel any advice for getting through the last couple weeks of classes and finals?


  1. best of luck with all of your school work! i have a ton to do too. :\ but before we know it, it will be winter break!

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  2. Those kids are so cute!
    You can do it! ;)

  3. Oh dear, I am right there with you. It's a sprint to the end. We can do it!!

  4. I feel your pain. I get stressed even time I think about my never-ending to do list. Oh wait, I think about it ALL the time, so I stay stressed. Only 16 more days until Christmas break, though. How much longer do you have?

  5. This is exactly how I feel, it's so hard going back to finals after the nice Thanksgiving break. The end of the semester is sooo soon though!

  6. In the same boat! You can totally do it! I find that it helps me to set up a small reward system with a friend who's also studying, that way you can't cheat. Like, if you both complete x amount of work, you'll both go out for ice cream later, but if one or both doesn't, neither will. Good luck!


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