Tuesday, January 25, 2011

awards and lovely bloggers

laura from this is keeping my fingers crossed recently gave me this award:

you can see and read my first seven facts from when the other laura of a pretty plethora gave it to me here.

but id like to tell you seven more facts about me now:

1. lately all i've been listening to is the soundtrack from country strong, im not a huge fan of leighton meesters singing voice, garrett hedlund's on the other hand is beautiful and cant stop listening to the songs he recorded for the soundtrack.

2. in march for my birthday (march 9th if you wanna know) a family friend and i are planning to go to le cordon bleu school for one of their non-professional cooking classes to learn all about artisan breads. this is the website if your interested. im still trying to decide between pittsburgh and boston, although the majority of my friends say boston. id love to hear which city you guys would choose, we plan to make it a weekend trip.

3. right now im thinking after i get done my undergrad and grad programs, i want to maybe attend a school like johnson and wales or le cordon bleu for professional culinary arts training but im not sure how serious i am right now about it.

4. my pseudo family is my life, they really are the greatest. i babysit their two kids finn and mac who i post pictures of incessantly on here. but theyre more like my nieces and nephews and their parents are more like my older siblings. its great we have family dinners together and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. lately their father and i have become really close, whenever im having problems hes always there to vent to no matter what time of the day and theres no judgement at all its wonderful.

5. sometimes when i take the kids i babysit places people think they are mine. usually i only have one with me but they just assume its mine. im almost 20 and finn is 2 and mac is 3 they are not my children! my boyfriend finds it sooo funny.

6. lately im reading alot of food memoirs and love them, i just reread a homemade life. in the past i've read my life in france and animal vegetable miracle. any suggestions for some other good ones?

7. i have a twitter account.

im passing this award onto:

courtney of vintch: i know you already go this but your blog is the one i look forward to reading everyday, its so beautifully written and you are so sweet!

ashley of the chic line: her photography is gorgeous and i want to try all of the recipes shes posted

marian of escaping the single life: she is soooo funny and her wedding was beautiful

apirl of april maybe: i love that she speaks her mind and some of her posts always make me laugh

finally abbie of abbiebabble: id love to get to know more about her


  1. You know, I love learning new things about you!!!

    I would totally recommend Boston. My brother went to school in Pittsburgh and I loved visiting, but I just think Boston has more to offer- restaurants, shops, history. I love that city!!!

    And thanks...you are the best!!!

  2. Awww, thanks! And I think you definitely made the right choice with Boston for your birthday trip- we're a pretty great city, I like to think!

  3. you are so darling! thank you for the award:) i love your blog so, so much! I am sooo jealous of #2! Did you know Giada...yes, that Giada...the goddess of flowing hair, gorgeous skin and delicious pasta on the Food Network, graduated from there? It MUST be fabulous! I love learning more about you:)!


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