Monday, January 24, 2011

national compliment day

when i was looking at my agenda (vera bradley of course) in class today i realized it was national compliment day, i would now like to take the time to thank and compliment all of my readers. you all are so sweet, kind and beautiful! reading your comments everyday makes my days a little brighter! thank you all so much for your support!


  1. Aw how sweet! I will give compliments all day now.

  2. what a fabulous day! i will be sure to compliment all my co-workers, family and friends! happy, happy monday!

  3. You're too sweet. And for that and many other reasons, I present you with an award! :) You can find it here.

  4. thank you! :) i didn't know this was an actual holiday!

    thank you for having such a cool blog for me to follow.

  5. I think you should paste that picture right on your planner as a daily reminder!
    Cheery blog!


reading your comments makes my day a little brighter :)