Monday, January 31, 2011

february goals, long winded

first things first, i never really do new years resolutions because i never commit to them for more then a week or two at most. however i think if you start things in the middle of the week instead of the first day of the week you'll be more likely to continue that habit or change in your life. example im horrible at remembering to take my medicine/vitamins however i always try but it never works, and then one day i just started taking them everyday mostly because i hate having a cold for 3 weeks but it helps to start the day after most people would and setting an alarm on your phone to take them helps to.

so a few things i want to do this year:
01. take my vitamins everyday
02. read one nonschool book a month
03. get all my readings done for classes before the class starts
04. bake bake bake
05. start the couch to 5k program so i can bake and still stay in shape
06. try to make jam

in reference to number 4 and my total ocd, type a dorky personality i printed out a calendar and started filling in things i wanted to bake each month. so for june and the summer months i'll be focusing on jam, and fruit desserts because i also want to start cooking and baking more seasonally and locally once may hits it will be a whole lot easier because i'll be home.

for february:
01. wear skirts and dresses more
02. perhaps go to virginia to visit my best friend
03. bake red velvet cupcakes and remake the oh baby bars
04. reread my life in france
05. make/send valentines for my penpals anyone want one?
06. try eating different foods, i eat pasta the majority of the week and decided i need to mix it up a bit. any suggestions are welcome :)


  1. 06. Oh man, where to start? My tops picks we make often: Black beans and rice with cilantro, avocado and tomato or easy peasy vegetarian (easily improvised with chicken) chili. I don't have the recipes typed up so I know that's not really helpful, but may give you some good ideas of things to try! :)

  2. These are so inspiring-- completely agree about the vitamins and read more (non-school) books! Your February will be so fun with those goals, valentines + red velvet cupcakes sound PERFECT!

  3. I need to start taking vitamins in a major way. These are all really great, realistic goals. Very good post!


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