Monday, January 3, 2011


{the kids christmas tree}

these next few posts this week are going to be a catch up of everything i didnt blog about on my break from facebook, twitter, and blogger. so were going back in time to before christmas for some christmas prep, cookie baking, christmas eve and christmas, pseudo family christmas and finally new years eve. im gonna warn you theyre gonna be photo heavy so be prepared. all those days included lots of time with my lovebugs, impromtu dance parties to christmas music, lots of baking, apple cider, the little house series by laura ingalls wilder, late night visits from santa the day after christmas, torturing our dogs, crafts, decorating and presents. it was lovely and i am now a bit sad that my father and i started to take down the decorations today. we decided the outside lights could stay up a little longer to stretch out the holidays.

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  1. Didn't it all just go by so quick. I feel like with a blink it was all over. Wish we could have kept our Christmas decor up longer, but when we returned from out visit North, our tree was a sad sight...which not only lead us to take it down, but the rest of the decorations as well. Sad day


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