Monday, January 10, 2011


lately baking has become my new favorite hobby, last night i made my first loaf of bread from scratch and i cant wait to make it again and before christmas i made some cookies with my favorite children.
recipe found here, not my favorite recipe they lacked alot of flavor

i think she got excited because she thought it was chocolate

cutting the cookies

please ignore the hot mess i am in the picture

later that week i made these, whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and they were heavenly so heavenly i might have ate all of them on my own....
my cute apron with ruffles and comfy slippers


entertainment while i wait for the cookies to be done

the cutest cookie of the entire batch


  1. looks so fabulous! i love your honesty about the first batch of cookies and those whole wheat ones look super fabulous! thanks for sharing:) have a happy tuesday!


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