Thursday, October 7, 2010

wishful thinking

this might sounds corny but i've always had a love affair with the south. when i was little my family always took trips to gatlinburg, tennessee and i think from that minute on my heart belonged to the southern way of life. my dream was to attend the university of tennesee or a school in virginia and never return to the state of new jersey. however that did not happen and i attend school in state. one day however i plan to live in virginia, west virginia or tennesee in a house like this:

my husband and i will have a little garden and we'll live a mile away from our neighbors. we'll only buy produce from farmers markets and our kids will drink out of these

we'll have some dogs and cats, a cow and chickens and a little pot bellied pig. we'll follow college football religiously, their father will teach them how to drive on an old john deere tractor, just like him and i were taught and we will all live a lovely life.

but thats just some wishful thinking of mine. do any of you have thoughts like this about your future? or am i the only crazy one?


  1. That's because the South is awesome. I have dreams like this, but more about southern Mexico.

  2. sounds like an amazing dream! I dream of someday living in an old plantation home, or a home designed like a plantation home. I love watching movies like The Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama and dream of the beautiful homes they feature in the movies. :)

  3. mmm, that sounds awesome! I also want a house with a wrap around porch and a porch swing! I'll have a huge garden, a cow, and some ducks!! You aren't alone! Lets be neighbors! ;)

  4. D- those movies are exactly what is feeding my dreams i wish i could live in them! or the house from forrest gump.
    laura- i would kill for a wrap around porch with a swing and yes id love it, lets be neighbors :) we can bake and drink lemonade all day long it will be glorious!
    april- i agree 100% the south is completely and totally awesome, id kill to have a southern accent and be able to pull off saying ya'll
    glad im not the only one with these dreams :)

  5. Love the mason jars to drink out of and what a cute blog title!

    Liesl :)

  6. Long live the South! Just sayin' lol. Being from Florida ( a lot people forget that the Sunshine State is made up of more than just beaches but home to really beautiful country land) I have a strong love and passion for the South. Not that there is anything wrong with a Northerner or as we so kindly call y'all, Yankees. But the differences between Northerners and Southerners is the way of life. It's about taking time to enjoy every minute, being around family, eating a fresh peach over the sink, and drinking sweet iced with breakfast.

  7. all those reasons you listed, are exactly the reasons why i love the south and wished i lived there. its like you were reading my mind :)


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