Friday, October 22, 2010

country music

lately i've been listening to alot of the avett brothers and glee. im slowly working in different songs however they will always be my main faves. some of my favorite country songs at the moment are:

mean and back to december by taylor swift

mama's song by carrie underwood

little miss by sugarland

little bit stronger by sara evans

and thats beautiful to me by jaron and the long road to love

enjoy your weekend loves!


  1. Not a big country fan but I do love T-Swift and Carrie Underwood :) I saw Carrie in concert earlier this year and that night she filmed footage for her "Undo It" video! Pretty cool! So now I tell everyone that I'm in a Carrie Underwood video, haha ;) Hope you are feeling better today after all those stresses you wrote about in your last post. Hope you have a great weekend too :)

  2. kate im so jealous! i love that song by carrie underwood and have seen the video thats really cool! thanks im feeling better, i went home for the weekend which always helps :)

  3. While I consider myself a big music person and can generally appreciate all kinds of music, I just cannot get into country music at all. I don't really think that Taylor Swift is exactly country, right? I do have one of her albums and I do enjoy it. Is country music your favorite genre?


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