Tuesday, October 5, 2010

right this second

right this second, im in love with braids of all types.

every night after my shower i braid my hair in the hopes that this will train my hair to be wavy, it hasnt worked yet but im still trying!


  1. i love braids! i just wish I could braid my hair myself and it look that good! :) my cousin can french braid her own hair, i don't know how she does it, but it's fabulous!

  2. i wish i knew how to french braid! id love to be able to french braid my own hair.

  3. I like braids. I actually wore my hair in a braid today haha

    I also like that last picture of Rachel McAdams, so pretty.

  4. I'm constantly braiding my hair. Such an easy, care-free way to wear it. I love the fishtail braid, and I know how to do it (thanks to youtube!) but I just can't do it on myself tight enough.
    And, when I'm at home at my parents, I still get my mom to braid my hair in 2 french braids when it's wet (just like when I was little) and the next day, it looks all awesome and wavy!


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