Thursday, October 14, 2010

my little happy list

my list of things that have made me happy today
- im going to west virginia tomorrow!
- one of my friends i'll be seeing tomorrow fb chatted me and we discussed how exciting this weekend is going to be
- my hell week is over, however next week will be part 2
- i felt amazing about my grade in a hard class after an appointment with my professor
- glee
- i got a letter from my boo bear!
- im still excited about the fact that my friend is engaged!
- my friend and i are making plans for her to come visit and go to my favorite class and then see the sound of music sing-along afterwards
- every day i go to human ecology i fall in love with the class and profess even more

i wrote this list in my head about 20 different times, but now i forget half of what i wanted to say. have a lovely weekend loves. i'll be loving live in west virginia!


  1. Haha.. I do the 'making lists in my head and forgetting them when I go to write them down' all the time! Grr.

  2. i do that about 25 times a day, now i've learned to carry post it notes with me wherever i go.


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