Thursday, October 21, 2010

a no good day

so lets discuss how wonderful (total sarcasm) has been so far, well lets see i woke up because of my alarm but then went right back to sleep and didnt wake up until about ten minutes after my class started so i just decided to let myself sleep in for a little bit more and ended up sleeping another hour and a half. then i finally realize why my best friend, mom and boyfriend did not respond to any of my texts messages yesterday because i bought the wrong package and features for my phone last month. im not sure if i have enough money to buy my train tickets tomorrow. i have a paper due tomorrow i havent started writing or doing the reading for and yet again i found out people i thought i was friends with were just a waste of my time. i love when that happens. i think im going to sleep until its time for my train home tomorrow. this post really is a downer in my book.

lets switch to things im happy/looking forward to:
- going home tomorrow
- cooking dinner tonight
- my human ecology class this afternoon and seeing my rock emily
- my best friend finally visitng me at school tuesday and seeing the sound of music sing-a-long in theaters
- apple cider slushies, hayrides,pumpkin picking and farm visiting friday and saturday
- seeing my sister
- cuddling with my dogs

okay i feel much better now getting that all out. sometimes i feel like i have no one to vent to at school and then i remember i can talk to all of you. i promise to come back with a more positive attitude in the near future.

i feel no blog post is complete with out a picture, hopefully i pick a lovely pumpkin like this one saturday!


  1. I understand about the whole "finding out people who I thought were my friends were just a waste of time." I'm also dealing with that issue right now.

    But happy things to look forward to make things less stressful and hurtful.

  2. Hope the rest of your day goes better! I'm your newest follower. Check me out at


reading your comments makes my day a little brighter :)