Thursday, October 7, 2010

alternative break

dear bloggers,

keep your fingers crossed for me, i just finished applying to participate in my schools alternative break program. if im chosen i could get to go on one of these trips:
either winter break
Mississippi Delta
Home Rehabilitation/Educational achievement gap
New Orleans
Disaster Relief
Issues of developmentally disabled adults and children
Orlando, Florida
Give Kids the World Village

or spring break
West Virginia
Southern Appalachian Labor School/Rural Poverty
Maryville, Tennessee
Home Rehabilitation and Cherokee Populations
Camden, NJ/Philadelphia, PA
Home Rehabilitation/Educational achievement gap

i really hope i get chosen for the next round of group interviews, i've always loved doing service projects because of my involvement in 4-H growing up. my friend that attends willim and mary in virginia has gone on these trips before and has told how great they are, hopefully i'll get the chance to experience a trip like this. keep your fingers crossed that i get chosen so i can have this once in a lifetime experience!


  1. oh my goodness... fun, fun! I would love to go to West Virginia. {fingers crossed}

  2. i know i love the west virginia trip and the tennessee trip however id rather go on my winter break because i would'nt have to worry about school work on top of the trip on my spring break. i just hope i get to go on one of them!

  3. Praying you get to go do this! so awesome and thoughtful of you to give your time on your break from college to go volunteer and make people or a place better place to live at so to speak!

  4. If you could see my fingers (after I'm done typing this of course) you will see they are crossed.


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