Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a bit delayed

im finally able to walk without making my way to the bathroom and proceeding to sit on the floor crying. and im proud to say i downed a bowl of ramen with out it coming up a couple hours later.

lets rewind to a few days before this stomach bug conquered me and ruined my plans so far this week.

okay so lets pretend its monday, im gonna tell you all about my lovely weekend. friday my boyfriend and i went on a haunted hayride and saw the movie red with bruce willis and morgan freeman. i thought it was so cute boyfriend wanted to take me on a hayride and then five minutes away from the place i realize a couple things a) its night and very dark b) this is not a normal cute hayride, its a haunted hayride c) i have no way of escaping now. im not a big fan of getting scared, i dont watch scary movies at all and get freaked out by the noises my coffemaker makes. aka im a huge baby. as scary as it was for me and the boyfriends step mom, i enjoyed it and i know boyfriend and his dad did because they were laughing every time the ladies screamed.

saturday i went to whole foods with these cuties:

and then we went on a normal hayride in broad daylight and pumpkin picking

the big pumpkin for carving

posing in front of the tractor, i gave mackenzie a lesson on what tractors are what colors shes learning really quickly

finn is finally talking after being deaf for 6 months and called every pumpkin in the patch "mine"

then we went back to my house and carved, crafted and baked

all of us got a chance to mix the batter

making halloween frames

they didnt like carving the pumpkins that much so we let my brothers do the dirty work

sunday was the making strides against breast cancer walk that my mother, my best friend and her mother have been doing for about 10 years now. unfortunately my best friend lives in virginia now and hasnt attended in awhile.

everyone neglected to tell me how gross i looked with a hat on.

well that was kinda lengthy but i wanted to share my lovely weekend with everyone. hopefully i can actually make it to classes tomorrow!

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