Wednesday, January 18, 2012

what i made wednesday

For once I actually made something, I pinned on pintrest. These scarves are super easy to make and only take a little bit of time with a sewing machine. And luckily for me I have a mother that can sew. I am awful at it, in my high school home ec class when we had to make our boxers, I got my friend to sew them for me. Im working on learning how to sew myself, we'll see how it goes.

Moving on, here are the scarves

and welcome to the mess that is my bedroom floor, only quality photography on this blog haha

this one is made from t-shirts and super easy. I'm thinking about making another one in mustard and grey

this one is made from a jersey knit and it is adorable, I already have more fabric out to make another one like this.

Any great crafts out there that I should make? I plan on making a few more crafts this weekend.


  1. What a great idea! A simple accessory that jazzes up an outfit:) I might have to try this today!!!

  2. Those are really cute! Bravo on making them! I like the idea of making my own things, but I'm only good at tie-dye. haha

  3. So neat that you made those! They're adorable!

  4. Love these! I am planning on making a new scarf this weekend! You did a great job!

  5. I have been wanting to make one of those!! So cute.

  6. Those look great! I want to learn how to sew. I hope to buy a sewing machine by the end of the year (no extra money right now while student teaching). I'm sure I'll be asking your advice on what kind of sewing machine to buy!


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