Friday, January 20, 2012

is this really necessary?

So today I'm linking up with Sarah for a fun little post.

And boy do I have a list for you. My culinary classes don't start til next week, however I'm taking a philosophy class online and already I know this is going to be interesting.

Here are some lovely quotes from my professor that are totally unneccesary. His excitement about the class is a little over the top.

"Celebrate finishing this unit! And look forward to the next!"

on enrolling in an online class: “I applaud your decision to enroll. I applaud your initiative. You will learn much about Philosophy. But most of all, you will learn much about yourself. Welcome aboard an adventure in learning that hopefully will never end!”

"Read the entire syllabus, very carefully and very slowly. Read the syllabus again. It is your friend."

"The Karma of Grading: The points accumulate over the semester, so every action (or non-action) on your part has an impact upon your final grade. This is called the "modified karma theory of performance evaluation."

"Buckle up, because philosophy is a mind-bending, exciting ride."

other random things in classes that bother me:

-- the rule that says after 15 minutes if the professor hasn't arrived you can leave, last semester a professor was always 10-12 minutes late so we could never just leave

-- professors that are late. it's rude and frankly annoying.

-- freshmen

-- the moms that go back to school and are all over the professor every 5 minutes

-- people that record lectures in class. one girl in my stats class used one and was late to class. she'd interrupt the lecture every time to place her recorder in the front of the class and then walk to find a seat.

Disclaimer-- I am a nice person. All of these are really in good fun and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. Not to worry, MK -- even the Friendliest Flower is allowed to get annoyed by these sorts of nuisances;) I thought it was a funny post! Totally relatable.

  2. Hahaha love these! I hate when people record lectures, too! Once I saw someone leave their recorder and then leave class...not okay. Professors who are late is terrible! Definitely not okay with me!


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