Friday, January 27, 2012

life according to my iphone

I had big blog plans of participating in Rachel's link up for OOTD however, almost every night it would be about 11 and I would be in bed and realize I had forgotten to take an outfit picture! Next week I hope to get dressed everyday in real clothes and take pictures to prove it.

So instead I have a few photos from my phone of this week. Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday night I roasted a chicken for dinner and it was one of the best ideas I had all week

monday classes started, in patisserie we made the most delicious biscuits ever in adorable heart shapes. I definitely ate my fair share.
When I don't have classes, I babysit this crazy kid all day long.

He loves my brother and taking pictures with people sleeping.

My favorite boots, I just started wearing them again.

My outfit for the one class I don't have to wear my chef's uniform for.

Lastly, my chef pants, black clogs and t-shirt. Such a lovely combination.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I LOVED seeing photos from your week:) I hope you do this more often! I loved your ensemble with the boots. Super cute! Also, that chicken looks divine. You'll have to share your recipe. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. cute boots & cardigan! I almost forgot a few days to take pictures... and was even late to class one day for taking the time to snap a pic! woops! :)


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