Wednesday, December 1, 2010

girly girl

this summer my girl-o-meter went from a zero to this:

weeks went by when i wore only dresses (i have about 50 sundresses no exaggeration) but i thought i was pretty mild in my attempts at keeping my girlyness to a minimum, by letting everyone know i did own a pocket knife (even if it was hot pink) and by going to the shooting range with my boyfriend. although there were several slip ups where i would be found in the kitchen baking peach pie with my dress and coordinating apron on i was pretty good at hiding just how girly i was that was until i saw this picture

i was never the girly girl that was into sparkles and glitter until i saw carrie underwood rocking this outfit. I MUST REPLICATE AND OWN THIS OUTFIT ASAP! i honestly have no idea where i would wear this but just knowing that i would own it would calm my girly overload brain just a little. the outfit could become friends with my dress that reminds me of a peacock and nude heels that i was all insistent on owning but have not worn yet.

sorry this post is a little silly but my brain is fried and i needed an escape to daydream from classes. any other girly-girls out there? anyone have any ideas how i can replicate the outfit and where to wear it?


  1. i LOVE carrie's outfit! especially the skirt. they had a skirt a while ago (it might still be on the website) at jcrew that looked exactly like that. it sold out pretty quickly but i think they got more. the only downside is that it is VERY pricey. haha! i haven't seen one as cute anywhere else though.

    good luck with finding the perfect sequin skirt! :)

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  2. I NEED THAT OUTFIT. stat.
    thank you for giving me one more thing to add to my christmas list.

  3. So cute!! I love being a girly girl sometimes. and sometimes, I love just being a tomboy. No reason to label :)

  4. OMG. I love that outfit! I would just wear it around the house if I didn't have anywhere to where it to! Haha sooo cute.

  5. the summer is the best for being girlie. That's like the only thing I love about summer pretty much!


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