Thursday, December 16, 2010

another list

first things first, today i finished my first exam, tomorrow morning i have another exam and then im going home until next thursday when i have to come back for my last exam of the semester. its a little bit of a pain but seeing as its the exam for my favorite professor and my favorite class i dont mind as much. tomorrow i get to see harry potter finally and my lovebutton and i can not wait, the last time i saw him was the friday after thanksgiving so its been awhile. okay now onto the list.

some things to accomplish over winter break:
- read little house on the prairie series over again, this blogger sparked an interest in me to reread some of my favorite childhood books, she always mentions it on her blog.

- watch the sound of music i have to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the film and seeing as i was sick when i was supposed to see the sing-a-long version in theaters i'll have to sing along in the comfort of my home

- make a binder to store recipes i've collected so if you've got any great ones feel free to email it to me!

- starting christmas day i will not go on my facebook, twitter, check email or check blogger until new years day. i've spent way to much time in front of a computer screen because of my research paper and i need a break.

- bake bake bake, i have about 5 different cookie recipes i have to make for christmas and cant wait to try them and other new recipes.

- clean my mess of a room at home

- relax and take a bath because this semester has really burned me out.

- go to the library and barnes and noble

- go to some thrift stores

- do laundry and clean out closet because its been awhile

- go through my grandmoms and moms recipe boxes

- fix the dslr was given so i can finally use it!

tomorrow i think i'll return with another christmas memory because it felt so nice to share one yesterday!


  1. go for it--every single one of those things. especially the bath. because, for some reason or the other, hot baths have the power to cure souls. especially exam-weary ones:) congratulations on being so close to D-O-N-E:)

  2. That's a really cool thought to stay away from social media from Christmas until New Years. It becomes a part of your life and almost a lifeline. Isn't that scary?!

  3. ENJOY your break! Those cookies look too pretty to eat! Can't wait to see how yours turned out :)



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