Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blog funk

sorry if i've been absent lately, this past week and this week have really gotten to me. lately i have no idea or inspiration of what to write. i feel lame for writing lists over and over on here. but it helps me get through the week. currently only 3 days separate me from being home with my family because my last final is not until the 23rd. so on that little break home i'll be doing lots, we're getting our christmas tree, celebrating hannukah (were not jewish but my younger sisters best friend growing up was and now we've celebrated it for years and i missed last years), im going to finally see harry potter with my lovebutton, and i've recruited a little baking buddy for the long list of christmas cookies im baking. tomorrow i'll return with something better, another list (sorry i really love making lists).

my baking buddy, cant wait to rock my santa clause apron with her!


  1. I love lists, don't even worry about posting them :) That picture is SO adorable, looks like so much fun! Good luck with finals!

  2. i'm jealous of that little girl. I WANT TO BE LICKING THAT SPOON!


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