Wednesday, December 22, 2010

burnt out

i try to stay as positive as possible on this blog, however sometimes its hard to ignore whats going on in my life and write about positive things. this past week has kinda sucked, i thought going home would help me get into the christmas spirit but it has not. tomorrow i have to make the trek back to school (which is about 2 hours on 2 different trains and a bus) to take a final and hand in 2 more papers. at this point im so burnt out i do not even want to study, or watch the movie for the extra credit paper or write the other film paper i have due. all i want to do is stay in my bed in my cozy pajamas and sip hot apple cider and read the little house on the prairie but i can not. i really can not wait for tonight and tomorrow to be over. although right now im not sure how im going to make it through.

sorry for the negativity, i think starting tomorrow im going to start my break from social media: facebook, blogger, email, twitter so thats a warning if you dont hear anything from me in the near future. hope everyone's day is going better then mine.


  1. i know just how you feel. but you'll get through it. it's the final push and then home free!

  2. ugh, i'm sorry! I went through the same thing for about two weeks. that burnt out feeling is the worst. at least you're in the home stretch! i know that doesn't help, and usually when people tell me that i'm almost done i want to kick them.

    i hope everything is going well with your remaining finals! and i seriously love that you read little house on the prairie. i have all of them, and they are my favorite books to reread. i love how they describe all of the food in them! haha.

  3. completely know the feeling... :) i will miss your posts! stay positive xxxx

  4. I hope you are feeling a little bit better now! We are missing you!

  5. negativity is normal and healthy, my sweet friend. just let it out and know that with every storm comes a happy rainbow. push through these last few days of school and think about the freedom that lies ahead! thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way!


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