Tuesday, September 13, 2011


between babysitting and classes and memorizing 10 recipes a week for class i feel like i never have time to write a real blog post. hopefully i'll put something together by the weekend, but until then here are a few things that im loving via my pintrest.

kate spade bangles, i want all of them!

rainbow ikat, yes please

chevron in any color especially pear and grey

i have a strong desire to recreate this outfit and buy a blazer

loving anchors and bracelets of any kind

i want to recreate this shirt in my favorite team colors and wear it every gameday

loving this print, thinking i need to frame it

my boyfriend looking fly aka ryan gosling

cheetah/leopard print (i can never tell the difference)

what are some things your loving lately?


  1. that ryan gosling poster is genius. it could not be in my office or i would never get any work done.

    LOVE all these, especially the kate spade bangles!

  2. i too love the ryan goslin collage... and the second picture. pretty pattern.

  3. I cannot get enough of Pinterest! So addicted. Love the kate spade bangles.


reading your comments makes my day a little brighter :)