Monday, September 5, 2011

the hunger games

i just recently finished the hunger games series, as in yesterday i was clinging onto the last pages of mockingjay wishing there would be more stories or what occurred in the last chapters were really part of katniss’s dreams didnt occur. originally i thought i would never ever ever read this series. i remember in april i was in atlanta and my friend had it on her ipod and was reading it and i was kinda skeptical she insisted it was totally great but i didnt bite. i went back and forth over reading this and it wasnt until late august i finally gave in and decided to buy the first book and count my loss of 8 dollars when i hated it. with that being said i finished it in 3 days and was itching to buy the next two in the series. and the three books were worth every penny.

i know everyone and their mom is obsessed with harry potter and needs to live, eat, sleep and breather harry and hogwarts but i was never really that obsessed. yes i insisted on seeing the movies in theaters first but i wasnt in line at the midnight release dressed up as hermoine. im not saying i will do that for when hunger games comes out in theaters but if i saw a mockinjay pin for sale i would not hesitate to buy it and wear it everyday. these books are a bit gruesome when talking about the games and the things katniss and peeta go through but they are so much more than that and to look past that you see a series that will stay with you forever much like harry potter and his friends. so dont walk, run to get your hands on a copy of these books, make sure to read and savor every word of them because they are truly worth it.

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