Tuesday, March 8, 2011

life, lately

lately i've been a little absent from the blogging world for many reasons. my life has become a hotmess and im trying to navigate and figure out where to go from here. i've made some changes which i'll share more about when i can find the words. however im attempting to get back on track and blogging again. so some upcoming things im looking forward to: my birthday tomorrow, going home for spring break this weekend, going to boston saturday for a class on artisan bread at le cordon blue, hopefully visiting flour bakery , lots and lots of baking over spring break including a birthday cake for myself, a guiness cake for st. patty's day celebrations, more bread baking, and finally getting to play with my dslr a little more. thankfully spring has arrived and its sundress wearing, garden planning weather very shortly in the future. whats new in your life lately?


  1. happy birthday (yesterday)! hope you're enjoying your break. that class at le cordon blue sounds fantastic!!


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