Wednesday, March 16, 2011

boston bread binge

when we planned our trip to boston, i had one thing in my head that i absolutely postively needed to do; visit flour bakery. i had seen it on throwdown with bobby flay and constantly read up on it everyday until the trip. at one point i think i was more excited to visit the bakery then taking the bread class at le cordon bleu. so when we finally got there i think it felt like i was in heaven. the majority of the weekend i planned what i wanted to do around food, we made sure no matter what we had time to sit and enjoy every meal we ate. so now come the drool worthy photos from flour, im thinking about writing a letter to joanne chang asking if she can start a store in philly or new jersey. i cant get enough of that place, we ended up going there saturday morning for our second breakfast of the day and returning again sunday for breakfast before we hit the road to head home.

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