Thursday, March 10, 2011

20 while im 20

taking a page out of ashley's book im posting a list of 20 things to do while im 20. little and big goals to achieve and accomplish in the next 364 days.

01. transfer to culinary school (more details to come soon i promise!)
02. better understand how to use my new to me dslr
03. make a pie from scratch
04. make birthday cakes for everyone i love this year
05. start running again (im going to base it off the couch to 5k program)
06. visit more states
07. plant a garden with my father (we do this every year but hopefully we'll be more experimental this year and try to crops)
08. send a surpise package
09. start and hopefully finish making a quilt
10. try out a few different bread recipes
11. organize my recipes better
12. learn to sew a little better
13. have a picnic
14. watch the sunset
15. go camping or fishing
16. visit flour bakery
17. read more
18. visit more farmers markets
19. try new foods
20. meet a fellow blogger


  1. Oooh culinary school! Fun stuff! Great list:-) xoxo

  2. Good list!! I want to plant a garden with my dad!


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