Tuesday, June 26, 2012

instagram update

Just a few pictures from my instagram. Lately I've been babysitting, potty training, shopping even though I told myself I was on a shopping hiatus and attempting to organize/clean the mess I call my room. Somehow my normal neat and OCD tendencies stop right before I enter my room, so if anyone has any ideas to help that would be great.
 new favorite essie color; cascade cool and my obsession with old navy continues
 the world's prettiest package from Ashley. She is awesome and you need to check her blog out ASAP
 The most creative ice cream flavors ever in this book, I have about half flagged to try.
 Zucchini pancakes, we have zucchini growing like crazy in our garden
 Meatless monday, cucumber tomato salad and sauteed corn 

Tomorrow I'm taking the kiddos to visit our friends that live near LBI and then Thursday I'm going with my mom and grandmom on her casino trip to Atlantic City. It should be a pretty interesting week.

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  1. great photos. i love getting little glimpses into people's lives. for some reason instagram/cell photos seem more personal. maybs cuz there is less editing and staging going on :) that little gifty gift from ashley looks lovely! xoxo linds {{www.rubygirlblog.com}}


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