Monday, October 10, 2011

things i'm loving

I had all these great intentions of doing a post today of some things I can't really live without these days, and me being on top of my game I took pictures and made a list of other posts I could write these days instead of neglecting this little blog. This morning I made some oatmeal and it tasted like feet, I took the pictures and couldnt find the adapter for my camera to upload them. So instead today you'll be getting a list of some things I'm currently loving/lusting/obsessing over. enjoy!

first things first, you need to check out this girls blog, I dont really know what I did before I knew it existed. It's just fabulous and she always gets my creative juices flowing.

secondly I'm all about college football these days. If you follow me on twitter, I apologize for the sometimes obsessive tweets on saturdays. I have this system now where I rotate wearing my favorite teams shirts every saturday (notre dame, west virginia, tennessee and alabama) I realize just how ridiculous I sound.

thirdly I just started watching parks&recreation and even though I've started with the episodes offered currently on hulu I'm hoping my brother gets me the other seasons to watch very soon. I'm totally hooked and cant wait to watch more.

also tv related, has anyone watched the chew? I'm loving every minute of it. Personally as much as I like them all seperately, without Clinton Kelly the show would be nothing. Seriously if you love food and havent seen it yet, you need to!

these pumpkins are adorable and actually get me excited about pumpkin decorating
one of my favorites:

and finally the civil wars, my friend told me the other day they were playing in philly in a couple weeks and the tickets were only $20 however its on a tuesday night, I have no one to go with me and I dont want to go alone. So instead theyre on constant repeat in my car and on my pandora station. It'll have to hold me over until the next time they come to town.

Plus how gorgeous are they?! I mean come on its not fair!


  1. I love those pumpkins!!! They would be so much fun to make!

  2. The polka dot pumpkins are too cute!


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