Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bauble bar

you know those days when you have all these plans and you think ugh I'm not looking forward to doing this and going there but then surprisingly everything works out. I'm kinda having the opposite of those days, I had to visit financial aid for the millionth time this semester, got everything figured out, treated myself to some fancy cheese and a pumpkin whoopie pie and was all excited for the rest of the day, then as soon as I get home I find out I gave the wrong paper to financial aid and read a post that makes my heart feel a little heavy.

anyways this is my reasoning for a somewhat lame/cop out post today. a couple weeks ago I heard about baublebar and I've been hooked ever since. all of their jewelry is so adorable an affordable. also when you join the site you get $10 off your first purchase and free shipping. plus they ship pretty quickly.

so I got the polka bangle which I personally think is adorable and along with my purchase came a sweet personalized note and a velvet bag to keep my bracelet in.

some of these items have made it to the top of my wish list:

in case you couldnt tell, I have a thing for bracelets these days


  1. i would like to personally thank you for pointing me in the direction of my new obsession:) oh i love the blogosphere!

  2. I love the handwritten note included with the purchase! Your bracelet is so cute:)


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