Thursday, August 18, 2011

happiness is homemade

lately happiness is:

- birthday girls (the little girl i babysit turns 4 today)
- bike rides on new to me bikes
- this song on repeat
- finally seeing a great movie
- books finished, finished and just started
- my dad buying me an older edition of this book on ebay and surprising me with it.
- borders closing and enabling my book buying habit
- thrift store finds including a set of my grandmothers china, a handkerchief embroidered with daisies, and old amrtha stewart living magazines
- texts from friends in far off states
- rainy days that last forever
- sleeping in
- blackberries
- monte cristo sandwiches with my grandmother

i totally saw this idea on annie's blog and loved it so much so i decided to share what's making me happy lately and would love to hear/see whats making you happy lately

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  1. Love the list! and The Help was AMAZING wasn't it? such a good summer movie :) (ps-got your letter! yay!)


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