Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a confession

today i have a confession to make, all summer i've been working and the majority of my paychecks have gone towards buying books. i think on one day i bought 4 books in barnes and noble and now that the websites i buy books from have my information saved it makes it so much harder to think and weigh my options of buying a book. the worst part is if i buy a book or two in a series i feel obligated of course to hunt down the rest of them until i own them all. its getting to be an addiction of mine.

some of my favorite reads this summer have been "the help", "the hunger games" (i've only bought the first one so i'm searching out the second and third daily), "the girl with the dragon tattoo" (again i've read the first two but have yet to find the third in paperback), "the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society", anything joshilyn jackson, and "hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet". it seems every day i come across more and more books i want to read. i plan on going further in depth about some of my favorites so far but as you can tell its going to be pretty hard to pick which ones.

also i just bought "the supper of the lamb" which i started the other day and im anxiously waiting for my deliveries of "the likeness", "into the woods" and "little bee"

if your looking for some great reviews check out annie's "bookish" section because about 60% of the time thats where i read for book recommendations or just read her whole blog because its fabulous

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendations! I am reading Maine by J Courtney Sullivan right now and I am on good reads where I find books similar to those Ive read! Love books and even got a kindle this year for my birthday but I tend to go to the library more then buy books, my sister is a librarian who also keeps me up to date on the newest books to read!


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