Thursday, May 12, 2011

a letter to my future husband

dear future husband,
i'll promise to bake for you whenever you want if you kill all the bugs in the house, listen to the avett brothers with me and at least pretend to like them, take long walks with me, go on road trips with me, and maybe look a little like scott avett...


  1. Scott Avett is so dreamy!!! I hope my future husband looks like him too!

  2. i just stumbled on to your blog from meg's, and i'm already a fan! i also write little letters to my future manfriend, and this one made me smile. and oh man, i would so love to wrap my arms around scott avett. swoon!

  3. I just saw them in concert, and I've just got to say: he is one good-looking male! :) And I love, love, love their music!


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