Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I can not believe it has been over a month since I last blogged. I did not intentionally take a hiatus, however I enjoyed every second of it. I feel like sometimes people get so caught up in social media and blogging. You know those people, that are all "wait freeze, I need to take fifteen pictures of this moment so in an hour I can blog about it". I try and stop what I'm doing and capture a moment I think all of you would enjoy and in the end I miss out on that moment. So I've been fulfilling one of my resolutions with out even realizing it, I've been living intently, not just doing something, saying something or taking a picture of something so I have something to blog about. While I was on my unplanned hiatus I cut my hair, turned 21, my sister celebrated her birthday, there were spontaneous dog walks, trips to the park, and lots of time just enjoying whatever was going on at home.

walking the little doggie
signs of spring in the yard
a new cookbook I can not stop looking at
a new haircut and a birthday dress that never got worn

For those of you that hung around and waited for me to return, thank you! I promise to be back more frequently with updates and recipes and just the random posts as usual. Also check out the new banner I created all by myself, it's not the best but I'm proud to see I did it all on my own.


  1. Blogging breaks turn out being really nice sometimes! I love the new header! Perfect for spring!

  2. Sometimes you just gotta take a break! I love the dress and new haircut!

  3. ha, we both took unplanned breaks! Genius! nice to see you back, Mary Kate! Can't wait for more recipes!


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