Thursday, April 7, 2011

hello april

i've finally decided to acknowledge that its finally april, even if the weather hasn't yet. spring is probably one of my favorite seasons. so im looking forward to lots of things and i thought id share another monthly bucket list.

01. start the couch to 5k program
02. stop eating so much at the dining hall and actually cook again
03. take more pictures, i have a dslr but i forget i have it sometimes
04. buy some more sundresses
05. finish everything for my transfer from the university i attend to the culinary program im starting next year
06. start planting our garden, we recently bought a rosemary plant and brussel sprouts plant but are waiting for the last frost before we start planting outside
07. make this cute garland for easter


  1. That garland, I love. and HOW do you forget you have a DSLR?!! Get out and take pictures! haha :) you know...please.


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