Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my weekend

this weekend while i was home was jampacked with lots of great moments, celebrating chinese new year, getting to see my lovebugs, making red velvet cupcakes, buying my toms, being able to see my best friend and venting about everything and then listening to her vent to me, and texts at 9:30 at night to make oh baby bars. overall it was pretty successful and cant wait for it to happen again soon.

to be quite honest the cupcakes didnt taste like i wanted them too, i dont think there was enough cocoa powder and although i used quite a bit of food dye it still wasnt enough to make them the red that i expected. the cream cheese frosting on the other hand was to die for and i dream about eating it everynight now. any suggestions for a better red velvet recipe are welcome.


  1. That food looks soooo good right now!
    Ps. I tagged you in a post of mine!

  2. Ahh I love red velvet cupcakes, the best! Yours look great even though there may not have been enough cocoa powder, still pretty!

  3. I made red velvet cookies a while back and i added so much red coloring, but they still weren't the red I was expecting either...

  4. I've been looking for a red velvet recipe, too! I really want to make some for Valentines Day :)


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