Thursday, August 12, 2010

they say its your birthday

i'd like to introduce you to probably the best friend a girl could ever ask for. who else could i buy useless disney princess themed or barie themed gifts at any time of year? who else could i go dress shopping with or to old navy even when it wasnt neccessary? who else would appreciate the endless mixed/themed cds i make for pointless car rides that end in boost slushies and stalking ex-boyfriends? im pretty sure with out this girl in my life, high school would have been a complete drag and i would make less frequent visits home from school. she is my rock and keeps me sane at moments when i am most likely to have a MAJOR freak out moment. i dont know where id be with out you constantly reassuring me. i love you to death, happy birthday to my babygirl kristen!

i love you to death and cant wait to be best friends forever!

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  1. nothing feels better than a best friend- happy birthday kristen!


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